Made By Mrs M

Studio Revamp


I've had my own small dedicated studio space for a couple of years now, but I didn't really get to spend very much time in there. I'd return home from a fair, stick everything in the middle of the room, and then pick it up again to take it to the next one. I had to clear the room every time I needed space to work on something. 

So, in the interests of a new start for the new year (and having a useable workspace now that this is my job...), I've given the room a revamp. It didn't need redecorating or anything as I already had lovely bright white walls, I did have too much furniture though (some of which wasn't really suitable).

I decided that one long thin desk (rather than the two rather large ones I had) which could take my sewing machine and overlocker as well as leaving plenty of clear(ish) work space, was what I needed - so off we went to Ikea. I bought a couple of Fyndig worktops (their cheapest - but a nice bright white to go with my walls) and added a small splash of colour with these rather fetching pink Adils table legs.

My lovely husband spent the day assembling it all for me and that was it! I did of course spend a full day clearing the room before he was able to get in there (and had bags and bags of rubbish and items for the charity shop). It was good to have a clear out but I do still have quite a lot of sorting to do (I haven't shown you the messy corner here!).

Now, instead of avoiding the place, I want to spend all of my time in there (which has to be a good thing!). If you're after some more studio inspiration, take a look at my Pinterest board, which I featured here a couple of weeks' ago.