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Textiles at the Stedelijk Museum


Back to Amsterdam today. We visited the Stedelijk Museum which houses a wonderful collection of modern art. One of my favourite rooms in the whole museum contained some beautiful textile art (there were also some lovely textiles to buy in the shop but I managed to resist, for once...). 

I liked the following quote from the exhibition:
"The emancipation of crafts could clearly be seen in the development of wall hangings. As weavers in studios had previously been accustomed to following anonymous designs by artists, the results were typically wall hangings that imitated paintings.
The rise of the Women's Movement and increasing critical awareness among the craftsmen-artists produced a generation who undertook both design and implementation themselves, and who began to make autonomous works. The old stereotype that textile work was women's work was in some cases compounded and in other cases ignored. The result was spectacular, sexually suggestive, three-dimensional objects, but also formal, abstract, geometric wall hangings.
The Stedelijk Museum took the lead in generating critical attention for this art form with widely discussed group exhibitions devoted to the fibre art movement, such as 'Perspectives in Textiles' (1969), and solo exhibitions by Loes van der Horst (1973) and Sheila Hicks (1974)."
Here are some of my favourite pieces: