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Designer Profile - Becky Queen of Frocks


Another Designer Profile for you today! This time we have fabulous clothes from Becky Queen of Frocks.

Becky makes beautifully finished women's clothing from her home in Nottingham. Her clothes have a classic, timeless feel (without being old fashioned) as she likes to re-imagine classic vintage sewing patterns in fantastic modern prints. Becky has a bit of a fabric addiction (a girl after my own heart!), her new line of party skirts (see above) are made using some beautiful fabric she found in a market in Doha.

As well as the party skirts, Becky has expanded her range of accessories on the run up to the festive season, and they now include the perfect gift for the budding astronomer: constellation print scarves! She also has a lovely range of pyjamas such as those shown above.

You can follow Becky on twitter and buy her gorgeous clothes on Etsy.