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Christmas Cross Stitch Tutorial


This week I'm excited to be joining in with Bugs and Fishes' Christmas tutorial link-up. If you check out Laura's blog today, you can see a wide range of different tutorials for Christmassy things! Hopefully you'll find something you'd like to make!

I am sharing a tutorial for my Christmas tree hoops (which are currently available to buy from Calladoodles in Carshalton, if you don't fancy making your own). You can find the pattern for the cross stitch design at the bottom of this post - please feel free to use this to make as many as you like to decorate your tree, but do no use for commercial purposes, thanks!

You can see from the image above that there are lots of possible variations on this design, the pattern below is for a traditional green tree but you can do whatever you like. On the larger hoops I have decorated outside the trees rather than inside for a change. 

I've assumed that you have some experience of cross stitch. If you don't you may want to check out a basic tutorial here before you start. For this project, you will need the following:

  • An embroidery hoop (sizes I've used here are 3", 4" and 6").
  • Aida (cross stitch fabric) - the size of the weave you choose will dictate the size of the trees - so the larger the weave, the larger the tree (again, I've used a selection of different sizes and colours for mine).
  • Embroidery silks in whatever colours you fancy.
  • A needle.
  • Spare (or just cheap) thread or embroidery silk (for the back).
  • Small piece of felt (for backing).
Start by stretching your aida across your hoop and begin your tree with the top, centre stitch (if you're not quite central you can move your fabric after you've finished sewing). I then worked down the right hand side of the tree to the bottom then mirrored this on the other side.

The outline is completed in one colour - I had a bit of a production line going so worked on several at the same time!
Then choose your second colour and complete the two accent rows on the tree's pot and scatter a number of stitches across the tree as baubles.

On most of my trees I then added two or three more colours to represent the baubles. You may want to be less colourful (or more sophisticated, depending on how you look at it!) by sticking with a smaller palette of colours.

You can also see that all of my hoops are slightly different - you may want yours to match.

I had fun playing with lots of variations on the design - hopefully you will too!

Once you've finished stitching the front, simply trim off the excess fabric and stitch together tightly across the back of the hoop (see below).

Then cut out a circle of felt to stitch onto the back.

I used blanket stitch to apply the felt to the back as it produces a nice finish and is durable. Alternatively, you may wish to stick it on with superglue. 

Finally, add a ribbon for hanging!

If you make any of these hoops, I'd love to see the finished articles! If you have any questions about them, please contact me.