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Designer Profile - Sid Fletcher - TowerBlockMetal


This week I'm excited to be able to bring you the artwork of Sid Fletcher. I discovered Sid's work a few years ago through my love affair with Sheffield. He focusses on mid-century brutalist architecture (which most of you will know is a huge inspiration for me as well - the first image below is of Park Hill).

Sid has been fortunate enough to live in Sheffield for nearly half his life and it has heavily influenced his work, which is mainly a depiction of the built up urban environment and the relationship it has with society. He has always been fascinated by the mid 20th century building boom and all the tower blocks and precincts which rapidly sprung up out of necessity as the UK was rebuilt after the second world war.

He has always had an interest in displaying these structures in a minimal/pop art/post punk style, and following a lifelong fascination, has been producing work seriously for about 5 years. Sid has no formal art background and has learnt a lot over the last few years, including that all important rule that you should remain true to yourself and the work you produce.

Sid likes his work to stand out and have an impact on the viewer - apparently it tends to be a bit like Marmite (you either like it or you don't - I fall firmly in the first camp!) but he's happy with that. He frequently uses monochrome on extreme colour backgrounds as well as alternative materials such as perspex sheet for backgrounds.

Sid has focussed on the buildings of the North West and Yorkshire as he has always lived in the North, but usually carries his camera to catch any architectural gems while he's out and about (an example of which is the final image below, taken recently in Malmo, Sweden).

You can buy Sid's work from his Folksy shop as well through some bricks and mortar stockists in Sheffield (any excuse for a visit!). You can also follow him on twitter