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Designer Profile - Rosie Simons


Welcome to the first in my new series of designer profiles. I'm hoping to help with some Christmas present ideas, and encourage everyone to buy their gifts from independent designers and makers. 

Today we have the work of Rosie Simons. 

Rosie is a designer with a passion for graphic and surface design. Her work has a simple, clean yet colourful aesthetic and combines illustration and typography.

I really like Rosie's 2014 calendar shown above which is part of a great range of items which would make good gifts. I've had my eye on one of her travel card holders (below) and she also has pocket mirrors and badges available in her Etsy store.

Rosie also has a range of greetings cards (both for Christmas and everyday).

You can buy Rosie's work from her Etsy shop.  Also visit her website and Facebook page and follow her on Twitter