Made By Mrs M

Some Things I Like - Part II


It's part two of my home tour which doesn't really show my home at all! Today, I'm looking at some favourite things from downstairs.

We start with more crochet loveliness courtesy of Victory Garden Yarn. The hoop above came all the way from Seattle and it graces my mantle piece. I just love it and would have more (but I'm not sure Mr M is as keen as I am on having a house full!).

I also have a crochet sampler on my mantlepiece. This was made by Sarah Fordham and I bought it from her at Renegade Craft Fair in London last autumn. Justified this purchase as a teaching aid for the small boy!

Finally, this is possibly my favourite thing of all, my Thuline De Cock cow. It's a bit of a conversation starter. I'd love to have one of her larger paintings as well one day.