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Some Things I Like - Part I


I really enjoy looking at images of other people's homes on Pinterest, blogs and the like - partly because I'm just nosey but also for inspiration. I thought I'd share a few images from mine, but sadly it still needs some work (and the presence of a three year old boy makes styling it beautifully - and keeping it that way - rather tricky!). So, in two very short parts, I thought I'd share a few of the things I like the best!

Today, we have upstairs!

Any regular readers, or twitter followers, will know that I love crochet. I only have so much free time though, so love to pick it up ready made as well as make things myself. The beautiful blanket above lives on our spare bed and was picked up this summer at a local car boot sale (for a steal of course, people don't realise how much work goes into these things) - it was made many years ago by a lady who has just turned 100, and it graced her bed for a long time. 

The chair in my bedroom is actually a commode. I bought it in a junk shop in Horncastle in Lincolnshire when I was a teenager. It came in a rather tired pink and I spray painted it cream about 10 years ago. The pink is now wearing through and it looks rather good. Seat cover by yours truly and gorgeous cushion by Rachel Parker via Society6.

Another vintage crochet blanket in our bedroom! This one came from Valentines in Whitstable and is actually for a single bed so is too small - just keeps the toes warm. I love the colours though and couldn't resist it. 

Watch out for another post with my treats from downstairs!