Made By Mrs M

A knitting update


It's been three weeks since I started my little knitting project (which is actually rather embarrassing as it's so simple but I've had things to do, excuses excuses....) so here's a little update.

I'm actually very nearly there, on the home straight (or final 50 rows anyway).

It's going OK and I like the colours but it's far from perfect - also not sure how it'll hang as I used a cheaper yarn than that used in the pattern - good knitting practice through.  Also looking a little wonky in the image below but hopefully that's just the way I had it set out to take the picture!

So, very nearly there. Hopefully I will return very shortly with a post about how I've completed it and it's wonderful (!!). 

If anyone has been tempted to give this one a go it is really easy (even if I've made it seem hard!) and the pattern is available in the current issue of Mollie Makes magazine.