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A Day in the Life


This is the second time I've taken part in "A day in the life" the last time was back in October last year. I have to confess that once again this post comes somewhat after the event as the day in question was Monday 24 June and I've been on holiday since then, but here it is now. Better late than never....

So, Monday 24 June was the first Monday of the year (other than Bank Holidays and the like) when I wasn't working. I'd been doing four days a week since January but I'm now back down to three! I also had childcare, so it was a little like my idea of a dream day. So, of course, it started with a lie in. Then up to read emails, drink tea and eat toast. 

My main aim for the day was to replace some of the cushions I've recently sold, so that I have enough stock for the next craft fair I have planned. So out came the sewing machine and on went Xfm. I finished two cushions.

While I was sewing, this was the view from my window. The tree surgeons were in removing my beloved almond tree which was rotten and about to fall over.

Finished sewing but didn't have any food in the house, so made do with another cup of tea. Then set about sorting out my photo for the new Calladoodles website, doing some general photo editing, tweeting and updating my Facebook page.

The next main task for the day was sorting things out for my upcoming holiday. I did some washing and sorted out the mountain of clean clothes, then made a shopping list for toiletries and stuff ready to go to the shops once the food shopping had been delivered (which, of course, was late).  Finding the contents of my wardrobe deeply uninspiring at the moment.

Then went to said shops. One of my purchases was my highly nutritious (and very late) lunch.

I then had a child free shower, which was nice. 

And back to work. I sorted through and packed up some examples of my knitted and crochet diaries, to take to a meeting the following evening at which I was to discuss a potential solo exhibition (exciting!).

Then to tidy up my very messy studio (there's a floor in there somewhere). Was actually temped to just shut the door on it and run....

And blog scheduling, more tweeting and email checking and planning of posts for the next month.

It was then time to collect the small boy from nursery, capture the cat and head out to the vet (she hasn't been well, is now on the mend).

The rest of the evening consisted of a late tea, bath and bed for the small man, followed by tea for my husband and myself and some quality time with my crochet.