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TTP Artists - Theresa Easton


Welcome to another in my series on my favourite artists from Turn the Page 2013.  Today, we're looking at the work of Theresa Easton.

Theresa is a printmaker, based in the Ouseburn Valley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, where she delivers regular print and bookmaking workshops.  Artist's books provide a platform for her printmaking skills and the opportunity to work on international projects such as The Sunderland Book Project.  This is an ongoing project which encourages participants to make a book in response to the city of Sunderland. 

Theresa graduated in 2007 with an MA in Glass at Sunderland University and subsequently has a series of printed glass cubes in the Metro Centre, Gateshead and artist's books in the Tate Library's Collection.  She works with a variety of media including glass, metal, brick clay and paper and is interested in pushing the boundaries of printmaking.  Her artist's books are exhibited both nationally and internationally. 

You can currently see Theresa's work in the following exhibitions:

Novel at The Gallery, Gateshead Central Library (1 June - 17 August 2013)
An exhibition by members of the Book Art Network which explores and celebrates the region's culture and history as part of the Festival of the North East.

Dear Angel at The Globe Gallery, Newcastle (1 - 30 June 2013)
Theresa has been commissioned by Dear Angel, an emotionally charged, tactile and interactive artwork that captures how people feel and think about the North East of England.  Stevie Ronnie's Dear Angel project brings together hundreds of participants' messages to the Angel of the North. 

To find out more about Theresa's work, visit her website and follow her on Twitter