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TTP Artists - Jen Fox


The second artist to feature in my Turn the Page Artists series is Jen Fox.

I'd already discovered Jen on twitter and was keen to meet her and take a look at her gorgeous work.

Jen's work is fascinating (and while very different to mine, also appealed to the children attending).  

I've struggled to describe her pieces in a better way than she does in her artist's statement - this sums it up perfectly:

"People have books on their shelves that they haven't looked at in years but the shelf gives a reassuring reminder of knowledge once learned, they remind us of stories and information and the time we spent with them. The physical qualities of a book, it's feel and smell; old books with foxed pages. The form speaks knowledge preserved and communicated in whichever form."

To see more of Jen's beautiful work, you can follow her on twitter

Look out for another artist from Turn the Page on Friday's blog!