Made By Mrs M

A Collection of Fabrics (and a present)


My latest fabrics have just arrived (exciting as ever!) and I'll be ready to share them with you properly soon.  In the meantime though, I'm building quite a little collection:

I think they look rather good together.

In other news, son has just turned three.  He has a thing for Babyccinos (for the uninitiated, this is frothy milk served in an espresso cup) and has expressed an interest in having such a cup to drink his milk from.  So I decorated one for him as a birthday present.

The bunting is inspired by my new zig zag ceramics patterns (see below) - it then became bunting on the cup (although I suspect the little man may think it's monster teeth) and the little snake is there as he's a fan of snakes.  

I've been working on some other new ideas for ceramics recently (see below) and I'm on the hunt for more vintage pieces to work on.