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Inspired by Kurt Schwitters....


Last week I took a trip to Tate Britain to see the Kurt Schwitters exhibition.  I’ve long been a fan of collage, however I usually only make collages as part of my sketchbook and initial design work.
I found the Schwitters exhibition hugely inspiring, and thought this would be a timely opportunity to show off some of the stunning collage art which is being produced now.  Just six of my favourites are showcased below.  If you think I’ve missed someone exciting please let me know and I’ll go and check out their work.
The Kurt Schwitters exhibition is on until 12 May at Tate Britain in London – you can find details here and an artist’s bio here.

All work is shown with permission of the artists.  If you'd like to see more, take a look at their websites - details below. 

Cardboard Cities
Laura Redburn

Twitter: @cardboardcities

Rote Design
Peter Wilson


Lucy Driscoll


Paper Whistle




Beth Hoeckel