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Material World


I've been fortunate enough to be able to get my hands on a copy of Perri Lewis' book Material World, The Modern Craft Bible. 

This promises to be no normal craft book and Perri's approach grabbed me straight away. Rather than the usual page after page of glossy photos and step by step guides (which, don't get me wrong, I do like and do have their place), Material World promises to show you new techniques (with a few projects thrown in) and then let you get on with it yourself. This appealed to me as someone who can't stand following patterns or copying (and not just because copying other's work is wrong, I just feel that I have to put my own stamp on everything), I was also interested to see the tips and interviews promised on the cover - Tracey Emin and Grayson Perry - no, not your average craft book.

On my first flick through I was drawn to the chapter headings - here are a couple of my favourites:

I then took a look at the different crafts the book promises to teach - there are 15 in all - embroidery, découpage, printing, encrusting, cross stitching,  quilling, millinery, embellishments, paper cutting, leather work, macramé, patchwork, jewellery making, tailoring and appliqué - phew.

So, I have tried most of these crafts at some point - the instruction is at a beginners' level so if you already think you're an expert in all these areas, it might not be for you! I'm particularly drawn to have a go at macramé which I'm fairly sure I tried once as a child but I honestly can't remember. 

There are a couple of crafts which I'm hoping this book will change my mind about - découpage and quilling - I associate both of these with bad craft lessons at school - this découpage project is doing a good job of making it cool though:

I think my favourite parts of the book are the interviews and tips though, here is just a snippet of a tip from Tugba Kop (an illustrator I hadn't heard of until now - oh how I love to find someone new):

There are also great sections on building your stash, guerrilla knitting, craft groups, art v craft, and some great pieces where some of the craft world's biggest names share their inspiration.

Bible is the right word for it, and I think it's the type of book you'd go back to again and again.

Material World is published by Virgin Books, and priced at £18.99.

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