Made By Mrs M

A Little Tour


This week I thought I'd give you a little tour of my newly tidied craft room/studio.  I last shared this with you in my very first blog post, when it was brand new (and exceptionally tidy!). 
It's a small room but I manage to pack a lot in:

Some more hooks would be useful though and I'm desperately in need of a pin board.  
This is my desk on a tidy day - I have a lovely view over the garden:

And here are my storage shelves.  I try to use these to store materials as well as stock but I think I may need to steal a cupboard from elsewhere in the house as I'm fast running out of space!

Finally, here is my little photo wall - I use the plastic photo display to change the pictures/postcards etc on a regular basis and use this as inspiration:

This is actually the tidiest my room has been for months!  Perhaps a New Year's resolution should be to try and keep it this way....