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The Results!


We all know that feedback is really important, but it can be a bit scary asking for it.  I recently decided that I needed to gather some though and sent out a survey a couple of weeks' ago.  
Thank you to everyone who filled it in, here are the results!

1. Everyone who responded either reads my blog every time I post or every time they hear about a post that interests them.

2. Everyone is interested in reading about the things I've been making and most people are interested in the other things I've been up to (such as attending shows, reviewing courses I've been on and my recent Day in the Life post).  Competitions also go down well but you're not too fussed about the book reviews.  I haven't reviewed many books to date but will keep the number of these down (it would just turn into a book review blog if I talked about all the craft books I love!).

3. I asked what people would like to see more of (or if there's anything I don't cover which I should), I can sum up these responses with a couple of quotes: 

"Any how-to's, or little project ideas. More about where you get your inspiration from"

"Just general - what you're up to". 

In response to this, I'm thinking of doing some more Day in the Life type posts, plus start to finish posts for my projects (including more on my inspiration and creative process).  I'm also going to think about some tutorials - please let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like me to do a tutorial on.

4. Everyone had visited my Folksy shop.

5. All but one thought that the stock levels are about right (that person wanted to see more).

6. Variety wise it was a 50/50 split - half of you think I have the right variety of products while the other half thought there was too little.  This is particularly interesting as I'd thought that there might be too much variety!

7. With regard to the products themselves, my printed textiles are by far the most popular (everyone liked them).

And second place went to knitting and crochet.
This is nice to hear as the printed textiles are also my favourite and I intend to do more as soon as I can. I've got lots of new designs in the pipeline!

Further comments I've received have included a request for a regular newsletter.  I will very shortly start sending out a monthly round-up newsletter with links to the highlights from my blog plus other thoughts and recommendations.  If you'd like to be added to my mailing list for this please click here.

Thanks again to everyone who took part!