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The Quilt of Doom - Part I


My quilt project (or the Quilt of Doom as my husband likes to call it) has been ongoing since August, but today it has appeared in Gathered by Mollie Makes (which is quite exciting).  It still isn't finished (and who knows when it will be - this is where Quilt of Doom comes from), but I thought I'd take this opportunity to provide a progress update.  Part II will follow when I actually finish it (if blogs still exist in this format in 20 years time.....)!
So here it is (photographed today):

I started back in August with a pack of jewel coloured fat quarters which I received as a birthday present.  They sat around for a couple of weeks staring at me and then I decided what I wanted - a sort of irregular diagonal stripe.  Simple, but would take an age as it was to be completely hand stitched.

Here's an early shot and a couple more showing it as it grew:

Then I finished stitching the front together and didn't really know what to do with the back.  I bought some more fat quarters (some Summersville and Lotta Jansdotta) and dug a piece of blue fabric out of my stash and played around with these:
before settling on a layout and stitching it together (by hand of course).

Rather pleased with the combination (here's the photo that's in Gathered today):
Of course, just as I thought I was getting somewhere, I starting putting it all together and doing the top stitching.  I very quickly realised that I'm in this for the long haul!
I can't believe I was thinking about bias binding the other week - I have plenty of time to worry about that!