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Getting "Out There"


It's scary stuff.  You make things, you want to share them with the world, but you're nervous.  This was me just over a year ago before I started my blog.  Just leaping out into the unknown with something little like a blog, and the subsequent shop and so on isn't enough though!  I've decided to start putting myself "out there" a little bit more by entering some competitions (whether or not I think I stand any chance whatsoever of winning).
So, I have two at the moment, the first of which closes today.

The fab folks at Ohh Deer have been running the Pillow Fight competition.  Entries closed a month or so ago and for the past three weeks they've been selling all of the designs entered (the most commercially viable of which will win).  I have two which are shown above.  I did of course feel compelled to buy my own cushions (much to the horror of my husband) and they look fantastic (so much better than I'd imagined).

As you can see they are both based on my Park Hill design and are still available here and here until the end of the day today (Monday).
If you like them but don't get to the site in time, I have some similar cushions available here

My second competition is with Spoonflower.  The Be My Hero competition is after a novelty print for boys (around the theme Be My Hero).  My design is called Cape.

I think it's rather cute (perhaps too cute but let's see!).  The deadline for this competition is tomorrow.
Wish me luck!