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Day In the Life


I was inspired on Monday to join in with Claire Brown's Day in the Life (fortunately I was still in bed when I saw her tweet about it so it actually worked!).  

So, the day was this Monday just gone (15 October).  I think this actually does quite a good job of answering the question I get asked all the time - how do I find time to make things when I work in the City and have a 2 year old - well, here you go (I don't work on Monday's for a start!). 

So, we started with a beautiful sunrise!  Small boy woke just before 7 so a bit of a lie in.
He was in a very good mood first thing and we had fun bouncing around the bedroom to The Libertines on Xfm.
It all went downhill at breakfast however as the Ocado man arrived half way through and this resulted in the little man throwing his bowl of cereal across the kitchen, oh well.
Then off to Sutton for some shopping:

I was shocked to see that even more shops have closed since my last visit.  Discovered one I've missed in the past though (no idea how!).

Bought the small man some new winter clothes and as he was very patient while I was doing so, I took him to Waterstones to get a new book.  But they had buy one get one half price (oh dear).

Books purchased, we returned home and read them.  It was then time for the fight that is lunch.  This is a before picture, couldn't bring myself to take an after.  Needless to say it was a scene of carnage.

We played for a while after lunch and then it was nap time.  This is when I try to do as much as I possibly can. 1. Blog - today it was the Knitting & Stitching Show:

2. Putting together some little scrap packs and listing them on Folksy:

3. Working on the quilt:

Little man got up from his nap and it was time for a cup of tea and some CBeebies.

The afternoon continued with Brio and Beebies and then tea (which was pretty much a repeat of lunch). I then noticed that we'd had enough sunshine for the fairy lights in the pear tree in the garden to come on (pretty!).

Small boy's daddy came home then it was bath, book and bed.  We had our tea and at about 9pm I settled down to the quilt again.

Then an early night before work the next morning! 
I'd be really interested to hear if anyone else does a regular Day in the Life blog as I think they're great fun.  If you have one please post details below and I'll take a look.