Made By Mrs M

Jubilee Bunting


I've been rather keen on bunting for a while (as, it appears, is the rest of the world).  I first made my very quick (and cheap) paper bunting for my son's christening (10m of the stuff!) but have made it since for Christmas, my friend's hen party and recently my son's birthday.  
In an attempt to get into the Jubilee spirit I've made a little piece of patriotic bunting and have shared the tutorial with you here.  This project didn't cost me anything as I used odds and ends from my stash and took about 20 minutes to make.

Here's what you will need: red, white and blue yarn, red, white and blue paper and some scissors (plus sellotape and/or a stapler, depending upon how you want to finish it).

First, fold a rectangular piece of paper in half and cut a diagonal line.  The size of your bunting pieces is up to you.  This first piece forms the template for all of the others.

Cut all of the pieces you require, using the template each time to ensure that they don't get bigger as you go along!

Lay the pieces out on a table or the floor so you can work out how long your yarn needs to be.

Then lay your yarn out and cut to size, tying each end together to prevent the different colours separating. 

Fold the top of each triangle over.

Trim the corners off, then place the yarn in position.

This can then be taped in place and/or held with a staple to prevent the triangles slipping about on the yarn.
You can see from the finished article above that I have put one staple in each.  If you want to make your bunting more decorative you can stick all manner of things on to the front and this will cover the staple.  If the bunting is hung quite high on the wall the staples aren't really noticeable. 
Here is an example of one of my other pieces of bunting which I made for Christmas.