Made By Mrs M

Learning to Crochet


My one and only new year's resolution this year was to learn to crochet.  I had a go at teaching myself about a year ago and it wasn't pretty so I decided that this time I needed some help.
Back in February I stumbled across a 2.5 hour beginners class at Liberty and thought that would be perfect - I just needed someone to get me started (and point out what I was doing wrong!). 
The class was last week and I really enjoyed it (although it was as hard as I'd remembered!).  I came away with this to show for my 2.5 hours of effort (and wine drinking!):

It's supposed to be a scarf!
We were told to go away and practice, which I did, concentrating at first on practicing double crochet:

Not quite sure what happened here as I either managed to drop stitches somehow or the tension became tighter as I went along.  The next attempt is still work in progress but looking a bit better, I think:

Once I feel I've got the hang of it I may go back to the scarf (although I think I'll want to start again as it's rather messy!).
Liberty run various classes on their third floor (right next to the very tempting haberdashery) - for details of upcoming classes see their website.