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Top 10 Art, Craft and Design Books


As we've reached the time of year when we start to think about presents, I felt inspired to put together a little top 10 of books which could make the perfect gift.  So here are my top 10 art, craft and design books.
1. You can find inspiration in everything by Paul Smith
I adore this book.  It reminds me of one of the best exhibitions I've ever been to which was held at the Design Museum in, I think, 1994 or 1995.  Heaven for any Paul Smith fan.

2. Pattern by Orla Kiely
Eyewateringly lovely book which is hugely inspiring.  Perfect with a cup of tea and some cake.

3. Indie Craft by Jo Waterhouse
A lovely little book showcasing a number of inspiring craftspeople.  I think this one would make an ideal present.

4. Louise Bourgeois - by Frances Morris
This was published to coincide with the fabulous Louise Bourgeois exhibition at Tate Modern in 2007.  Didn't buy a copy at the time and subsequently struggled to get hold of this one.

5. William Morris by Linda Parry
This is the catalogue of a V&A exhibition from 1996 which I didn't get a chance to see.  Beautiful illustrations and inspiring patterns.  Another good one with tea and cake.

6. Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting by David Revere McFadden
A recent purchase from the Hayward Gallery shop after visiting the Tracey Emin exhibition.  A thing of beauty, containing yet more inspiration.

7. Sketchbooks by Richard Brereton
I used to be an avid keeper of sketchbooks, even after leaving college.  This inspires me to spend some more time on them now.

8. Knit the City by Deadly Knitshade
The observant amongst you will note that this is the German version.  I couldn't wait for it to come out here (it is now) and I do mainly like looking at the pictures.  My knitting skills aren't really up to most of the things in here!

9. Rachel Whiteread Drawings by Allegra Pesenti, Ann Gallagher and Rachel Whiteread
I bought this following her recent exhibition at Tate Britain, which I loved.

10. Everything Alice by Hannah Read-Baldrey and Christine Leech
Brilliant fun, and I'm considering buying copies of this as Christmas presents myself.  Could be very good if you're planning a party.

 Happy Shopping!