Made By Mrs M

New stuff!


I'm very excited today as I've just added some new items to my ToSouk shop:

Mini Patchwork Cushion

Park Hill buttons

I've also added the large Park Hill tote bag which I shared in an earlier post.
I'm working on a second mini cushion at the moment:

I've also paid a visit to the National Centre for Craft & Design in Sleaford this week, and adored the work by Gabriel Dawe which is displayed in the main gallery:

The piece fills the entire gallery and is created using strands of embroidery thread.  A little disorientating, but beautiful.  I was jealous to see a workshop taking place upstairs where a number of people were making their own miniature versions!  
Also on display were some rather interesting window stickers by Victoria Topping:

Both exhibitions are on until 15 January.