Made By Mrs M

Getting Chilly


It's another lovely sunny autumn day, but it is rather cold. Time to get my new scarf out - hooray! 

I knitted this scarf using 5 balls of Knitcol Trends plus a small amount of a pink yarn I had kicking around. It's really warm and I think it's turned out well. 

I'm remaking it in a slightly different colour way for my Mum as a Christmas present. The new version is slightly different as it has a larger band of plain colour at one end. In case you're interested, my scarf above is knitted in colour number 59 and Mum's will be in 49.

In other news, I had a chance to visit Sheffield a couple of weeks ago and saw (from the outside at least) the transformed Park Hill flats (the inspiration for my Park Hill fabric).

Not the best photo unfortunately, but you can see lots more on Urban Splash's website. Now feeling inspired to create an updated design in brighter colours!