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Out and About in Oxford

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Having only ever visited Oxford once before in my life, I've now been twice in 3 months! No sleeping behind bars this time though, as last Saturday Lisa (a.k.a. Martha Loves) and I headed down there to meet up with locals, Natasha (whose blog, Candy Pop, you may be familiar with) and Rosie of A Rosie Life.


We were definitely blessed with the weather - not too sunny so none of those nasty harsh shadows and the rain held off until we were on our way home - and we had a lovely time. It's so nice to walk around a place with people who know it well and Natasha and Rosie knew exactly where to find the colour (and the good chocolate brownies!).


I also think there's something really nice about going on a very small photowalk - no worries about keeping up and not getting lost/more opportunities to be spontaneous! I am however planning to join the In Colourful Company walk in London on 7 July and that's set to be huge!

In the meantime, here are some more photos from last Saturday...


The Books Arrived!!

Kate Marsden

It was like Christmas here last Wednesday when I drove to the printers to collect my 365 project books. They look wonderful and just as I'd imagined!

 I'm enjoying looking at the spines all lined up! These are the copies I'll have left once I've sent out the Kickstarter books.

I'm enjoying looking at the spines all lined up! These are the copies I'll have left once I've sent out the Kickstarter books.

As I type I'm mid way through the signing and packing marathon, but by the time you read this the books should all be in the post (or at least at the Post Office!). A little reminder that if you backed my project but haven't filled in your backer survey yet I can't send you your book(s) - so please complete yours!


If you've received your book (or postcards) please do send me a photo/post to social media - I have a few copies left as you can see and I'll be listing these in my shop shortly and taking them to the Open Studios next month.


Kickstarter Update

Kate Marsden

The weeks are just flying by at the moment! All is currently going to plan with my Kickstarter project and I sent the first rewards out last week - the postcard sets!


Everyone who pledged for a postcard set only should now have received it (or it's on it's way to you if you're outside the UK).

The book is at the printers after a slight delay, due to the need for some late night tweaks to the layout. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll have my hands on a lovely pile of books by the end of this week!


If you order anything from my shop over the next few weeks you can expect to get a thank you postcard in your order as I had a big batch printed. You can also expect to see lots of over excited pictures of books very shortly!!

More new work, Open Studio prep and a debut podcast...

Kate Marsden

It's been a crazy busy few weeks (and that's forgetting school holidays, birthday parties and everything else!). Fortuately though I'm on a bit of a roll with the new work I'm creating (and I've set myself a deadline of our open studios so there's no stopping!).

I've been working on some hand painted fabric panels, which I will be selling, however the main purpose of this exercise has been to do something different in the hope that this will translate somehow into my new digital fabric designs. After a bit of a drought in that department, the fabric fans amongst you will be pleased to hear that new designs are coming (albeit that they're just in my head at the time of typing!).


My A-Z of British Buildings series continues and I've had a couple of requests for these drawings to be made available as prints - leave this one with me (there will be 26 of them so keeping all images in stock as prints may be challenging!) but if there's one in particular you fancy do let me know. I'm also planning to make a zine (or two) with these images as my Croydon one has proven to be so popular.


And the other exciting/scary thing to happened has been my podcast debut on the first ever podcast from Croydonist. If you've not come across Croydonist before (it's kind of like Londonist but for Croydon) do check it out - they're just ace and have always been so amazingly supportive of my work. You can hear the podcast here should you fancy listening to my dulcet tones!!


Finding Inspiration in the Unexpected - Rodin and the art of ancient Greece

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I know, I'm very aware that the great artist Rodin has been an inspiration to many many people... but as a reader of this here blog, viewer of my Instagram feed or just someone who is aware of my work, you may this this is a bit of a departure for me!


When the lovely team at The British Museum asked me back to attend a breakfast preview of Rodin and the art of ancient Greece last week my first thought was that this may not be the exhibition for me. 19th Century sculpture is not something I'm really that much of a fan of, I know very little about Rodin himself, and it's a radically different style to the sort of thing I tend to go for and that which inspires my work.


But in the interests of 2018 being my year of doing different stuff and trying new things I decided to say yes... I set myself the challenge of finding inspiration for my colourful work in a monochromatic exhibition of figurative sculpture!


I think I therefore went in with the right attitude. There's no denying that The British Museum know how to put on a good exhibition. The space has been transformed since my last visit and has a spacious, light atmosphere. I enjoyed seeing a playful, almost Dada-esque scupture on arrival featuring a female head with the Parthenon springing from the top, and throughout the exhibition I enjoyed the pieces which had more abstract qualities. The architectural link obviously appealed to me too, even if the architecture in question isn't quite to my taste.


As I left the exhibition with little germs of ideas buzzing around, I entered the shop and spotted a rather lovely range of textiles inspired by the works on display, but with a mid-century look. This led me to the conculsion that someone else was also inspired by something which was a little out of character for their design style. I'm going to let the ideas stew in my head for a while and see if I can come up with anything!


Rodin and the art of ancient Greece is at the British Museum until 29 July 2018. I was invited to attend a free preview, but this is not a sponsored post.


The A-Z of British Buildings

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I can't be without a project for long! I made the decision at the end of my 365 project that I wouldn't put too much pressure on myself to do anything big like that this year, but seeing everyone's 100 Day Projects happening at the moment had me itching to do something!

 B is for Birmingham - The Rotunda

B is for Birmingham - The Rotunda

After the success of my little Croydon zine (still a couple left here) I hit on the idea of drawing a building for every letter of the alphabet, and so the A-Z of British Buildings was born! At the time of writing I've completed C and I'm about to embark on D - this isn't a daily project as such (although at times I'll probably post one a day) and I haven't set myself a time limit - but I would like to get it done before open studios at the end of June.

 A is for Aberdeen University Library

A is for Aberdeen University Library

I do have plans for the majority of the letters (there isn't a UK town or City begining with X though so if anyone has any ideas for that please shout!!) but if there's somewhere in particular you'd like to see me draw please let me know. I've already had a couple of requests including the building below.

 C is for Coventry Leisure Centre

C is for Coventry Leisure Centre

Keep your eyes on my Instagram account where I'm posting all of the images and check back here for updates along the way!

Being more like Picasso...

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You know that thing where you go to an exhibition and come away all inspired and desperate to get your art materials out? This happens to me all the time, but mostly with the smaller exhibitions. If I go to a "blockbuster" exhibition with a really big name artist I obviously can't compete with their greatness, and while it's all very nice and you can take inspiration for colour pallets, composition etc that's pretty much it.


I went a step further though with Picasso 1932 at Tate Modern the other week... As the title suggests, its focussed on the year 1932, and it's a whole, 10 room, exhibition at Tate Modern. So what inspired me in that? I need to produce A LOT more work. It was staggering - the man managed to fit such a ridiculous amount into his life and produce an actual finished painting (or 2!) pretty much every single day.... Now obviously he was a man, and this was the 1930s so he didn't need to concern himself with childcare or chores, his women (plural) were presumably at his beck and call and fitted in around his painting time, however even with nothing else to do whatsoever I think I'd struggle to be that prolific.

So I've set myself a challenge... no I will not be doing the 100 day project this year (and I'd already be way behind if I decided to start now) and to be fair 100 pieces of work isn't enough! There are plenty of days where I genuinely don't have the time (or the inspiration) to create new illustrations, sketchbook pages, patterns, but when I do I'm going to take full advantage of this and churn!! I'm going to stop worrying about whether something will sell - do the work, get it out there, and move on to the next thing. Some of my bestsellers over the years have been things I created on the spur of the moment without too much thought after all...

Since visiting the exhibition just over a fortnight ago I've produced lots more monoprints, new patterns and finished my Croydon zine I've been thinking about for a very long time. Got on with them and got them out there! I've sold quite a few things too so let's see.

No pressure Kate, but it's time to get churning!!

Picasso 1932 is at Tate Modern until 9 September 2018.

Pop Art, Collage and Open Studios prep

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It's approaching that time of year again! Carshalton Artists Open Studios is only a matter of weeks away (so please cross your fingers for an improvement in the weather!) and preparations are in full swing.

I've been working on lots of new things, but one in particular is a little collage inspired by local artist Pauline Boty...


Pauline was born in Carshalton in 1938 and went on to become a leading member of the British Pop Art movement. She died at the very young age of 28 and her work and influence had been pretty much forgotten until recently. In what would have been her 80th year, Carshalton Artists Open Studios are celebrating her work and legacy.

The exhibiting artists have been asked to produce A5 collages inspired by her work and they will be shown at local businesses during the event. Local schools will also be involved with the project, so hopefully the people of Carshalton will be very much aware of Pauline Boty's work by the end of the summer!


My collage is actually a self portrait (this is me aged 17...) and combines digital print and monoprinted pieces. The colours are quite subdued by my usual standards!

Find out more about Pauline Boty here.

Carshalton Artists Open Studios runs over two weekends - 23/24 June and 30 June/1 July 2018. Information about all the artists and the trail map can be found on the website. Please also follow us on Instagram and Twitter!


English Paper Piecing Workshop

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I'm excited to annouce that I have a new workshop coming up at Creative Happy London in Camberwell on Saturday 9 June. I'll be teaching the English Paper Piecing patchwork technique which is a really enjoyable hand stitching practice, suitable for complete beginners.

Patchwork 3.jpg

It's all about slow stitching and long term projects, but you'll come away with a little piece of finished patchwork, which you can either continue to add to and make a quilt from (mine took me two years though!) or turn into a smaller project for a quicker win. I'll also show you some other project ideas if it is a quicker result you're after!

Bookings are already coming in so do head over here to book your space.

Patchwork 4.jpeg

This is a good time to mention that I also have a workshop coming up next weekend (Sunday 22 April) at Love Art in Tooting. We'll be painting and making our own lampshades. This one will be really fun - no artistic skills are needed, just a willingness to have fun with fabric paint! You can book your space on this workshop here.

Isle of Dogs

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I do love a Wes Anderson film. The colours, the symmetry... Just over a week ago we went to see his new animation Isle of Dogs at the cinema (it's fab - go and see it - we all loved it and it held the little man's attention for the full 100 minutes!). I was then lucky enough to make it into town last Tuesday to see the exhibition of sets from the film (and now I love it even more!).

Sadly the exhibition has now finished, so if you didn't make it you'll have to live vicariously through this blog post! It was so popular though I think it'd be well worth doing a tour. Here are some of my favourite photos of the beautiful sets.


The Kickstarter finishing line is in sight!!!

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Well the last month has gone pretty quicky! My 28 day Kickstarter campaign started on Monday 12 March and will end at lunchtime this coming Monday 9 April. You can read a little more about it in my initial blog post here, and I also wrote about my amazingly successful first week.


It's now time for the final push though! So if you've been procrastinating or unsure now is the time! Head over to my Kickstarter page to watch the little film I made and to find out about the reward options (there's something for every budget!).

Thank you so much to everyone who has pledged and shared so far!

IMG_2665 (1).jpg
Postcards Mock Up_edited-1.jpg

March Meet the Maker

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I had so much fun taking part in #marchmeetthemaker over on Instagram again this year. In case you haven't heard of it, it's an annual challenge organised by Joanne Hawker (who even won a Mollie Makes Award for it last year) where you post an image every day following prompts set by Joanne. It's a great way to meet new people and to share your work too. I've popped some of my photos from the month below, you can see them all (and the full captions) over on my Instagram.

Square Branding Image for Instagram_edited-1.jpg
Square for Instagram_edited-1.jpg

Making a Big Deal out of a Big Birthday

Kate Marsden

The fact that I'm writing this post at all says a lot! Most of us attach a huge amount of importance to turning a certain age, be it 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ,6 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 16, 21 or a much bigger number, it's as if as we get older we long for those birthdays of childhood when it was a REALLY big deal, but as grown ups we only allow ourselves to properly go for it once a decade.


Last summer when I turned 39 I put the idea out there that I might do a 40 before 40 (or as an alternative list 40 achievements to celebrate). I wasn't too keen on putting pressure on myself and while 30 before 30 may be achievable, 40 things would be stressful when I only had 365 days to play with! I started writing a list of 40 achievements and only got into the teens before declaring myself to be a total faliure, so that worked well too...

What I've realised since the start of the year is that the best present I can give myself for my big birthday is to be a bit kinder to myself all year (so no unnecessary list writing - I swear it's only bloggers who do these things anyway?), lots of lovely exercise, some nice days out. I'm trying to plan little thing is to look forward to (my Mum has a big birthday this year too so we're going to a day spa together for example), but no made up deadlines, lists or parties. I haven't decided what to do on the day itself yet (it's a Monday in the school holidays when we have no plans but Mr M will probably be working) but I'm sure a nice day out or something will come up.

When I was thinking about the 40 things before 40 idea (briefly before it overwhelmed me) I did list that I wanted to be healthier, less stressed and a better mum - so these are all still works in progress, but achieving all of these things involves lots of little things along the way. And, as I've mentioned before, the work I'm doing in these areas is unexpectedly having a positive knock on effect on my progress with my business, and how I feel about my work. Talking about work though, I'm determined to take more of a break from that this summer, but let's see how it goes!

I think the hardest thing for me will be getting to 40 and feeling that I haven't achieved anything and have wasted all those years (another time to remind myself that I have an 8 year old and I changed career in my 30s so I'm perhaps comparing myself to the wrong people), so instead I'm going to try and focus on just being the best version of me rather than the person I really want to be, or continuing with that whole comparison nonsence!

How do you mark the big birthdays? Do you prefer a year-long party or hiding under a stone and waiting for it to be over?!

Juicy Goals and Good Distractions...

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We're nearly at the end of March - how did that happen?! After what's felt like an almost endless winter we've seemingly time travelled and it's suddenly (supposedly) spring! While I get my head around the fact that we're less than 3 months away from Open Studios (more on that later) I thought I'd reflect on January to March.

As with last year I started out with the Dream Plan Do planner from Patricia van den Akker of The Design Trust. Last year I stumbled at the second hurdle... February (or the look at your accounts and do some maths chapter). With hindsight I think this was because I knew things weren't going well with my business, and had a combination of feeling stuck and not wanting to face facts (such a lovely heady combination....). Anyway, by the start of this year my facts had been very much faced and I was ready for new beginnings!


So here we are and I've completed the March chapter and lined up my next 90 day juicy goal (which relates to making a success of said Open Studios - I'll be writing about this a lot more over the coming months but if you're interested now you can read all about it here!), but for now I want to reflect on the first one.

Patricia has put the book together in such a way that you look at your business but also other aspects of your life too. I think this is particularly important for business owners as it's so easy to get totally absorbed in your work, and then forget about anything else that isn't essential to everyday life. At the start of the year I looked at the wheel of life and the wheel of business (an example of the former is below) and it was pretty dire - I'm pleased to say though that I've achieved all of the things I aimed to (including my financial targets for the first three months which is a relief as well as a surprise!). I think this is partly (and perhaps ironically) due to taking more time away from work - you can read my earlier post about this here.


My first 90 day juicy goal though was to work out what on earth I'm doing/offering then update everything to reflect and promote that (sounds simple enough - it wasn't!). Admittedly there are still a few tweaks needed (and I may need to revisit my plan to use Facebook advertising to get in front of my customers better...) but I made such good progress that I'm basically considering it achieved. As I mentioned in my post last Thursday, I had no plans whatsoever to launch a Kickstater so that was an extra job! I have to say though that coming to the end of March having achieved my goal and funded my Kickstarter (it's still running until 9 April here folks!) has made me feel a lot more positive about my business generally.


You can get your own Dream Plan Do planner here (not sponsored!) - you have some catching up to do but sticking to the schedule isn't essential. This month I really found the SWOT analysis helpful (something I've always hated doing in the past) and things like that can definitely be done at any time. Fingers crossed I keep up with it this year as I'm really seeing the difference it makes to be a bit more disciplined. Then check back with me in another 90 days!

Funding my Kickstarter in 4 Days

Business, BooksKate Marsden

Well that was a bit of a surprise! If you were here reading my post last Thursday you'll know that while things were going well, I was still somewhat apprehensive - maybe I'd found all the colour fans already...

I received quite a lot of advice about my Kickstarter (lots of which was welcome, lots of which was unsolicited, promised miracles AND was almost certainly going to cost me - what's the point?) and I only really followed a few principles. You could say it was a fluke. Anyway, if you're interested I've written about my first week and what I did below. My Kickstarter is still running and will do so until Monday 9 April (subject to the books selling out beforehand of course). You can pledge here and read last week's post about it here.

 One of the postcard designs

One of the postcard designs

Launching a Kickstarter was not in my long term plan (in fact not even in my short term one - my 90 goal in my Dream Plan Do planner made no mention of such a thing). Back in January when  started planning for the year, I really liked the idea of getting my 365 Project printed up as a book - but mostly just for myself so I had a nice record of it. I was really pleased to have completed the challenge I'd set myself and wanted to celebrate this.

However once I'd got this one copy printed and shared it around, people started asking for one of their own. The copy I had was a one off and as a result had cost me just over £20 (and that was with a 30% discount code). As you will have seen from the photos the book isn't huge and there was no way I could retail it, even at cost price.

Blurb provide the option to sell your book via their website or Amazon, but even forgetting for a moment about the crazy retail price it would have, the terms and conditions scared me. Books sold would be printed to order and should someone decide to return it for any reason you, the creator of the book, has to cover all the costs (on the basis of £20-odd per book plus shipping etc). Ouch. Now I think my book is ace but that's too much of a risk to enable me to sleep well at night!

 The book

The book

So I looked at the bulk discounts, and you have to buy A LOT of books to get the price down to an acceptable point. So I abandoned the idea. But still people were asking...

It was at that point I remembered that a friend had used a local printers to produce some children's books at the end of last year, so I approached them. I felt a lot happier about this as not only am I doing my Just A Card duty by shopping small and using a local business, but I can have proper contact with the people are producing the book. I've used them to print cards in the past, and I have a friend's recommendation for their books.

This brought the retail price down to a much more acceptable level but only if I bought 50 or more. So I was left in a bit of a quandry. People had said they wanted it (not 50 people though!), but what if it was only those people who did, or actually when it came to it they didn't (fallen into that trap before). So I sat on it again.

 Another postcard

Another postcard

Until I realised this was the perfect opportunity to launch a Kickstarter. When I went onto the site to set the project up I discovered that I'd already backed no less than 17 of them. I figured it was a tried and tested way to see if the books had a market - I already had my prototype and imagery so I just needed to spend some time making a video, planning and preparing. I decided not to get too stressed about it unless I failed to get any backers at all!

In case it's of interest, here's the process I went through to set up the campaign (it took roughly a day):

1. Pricing - this was the first and most important thing I did. Do not pluck an arbitrary figure out of the air when you set your target! Make sure you will have covered your costs (or at least the costs you have to cover to avoid financial ruin!). You need to take into account a number of things - cost of your product, postage (which is variable if you're accepting International pledges), packaging materials (including any flyers, stickers and business cards - you might need quite a few!) and Kickstarter's fees. This figure may look scary and unattainable... Depending upon how scary it looks you may want to add a small profit too or only make a profit on the pledges after you reach your target. Do price it up properly - there's nothing more panic inducing or with the ability to ruin your "I'm funded!" celebrations than realising you're going to be out of pocket after all.

2. Rewards - once the pricing was sorted I needed to work out the rewards. All the advice I'd read (and most of the successful Kickstarter's I'd funded myself) had a reasonable range of rewards, not only to suit all budgets but also so there's something for people who may want to support you but possibly don't want your main product. So I offered a digital copy of the book, a postcard set, 1 copy or a slight discount if you pledged for 2. Different items have different lead times too - also consider that you won't receive funds until at least 14 days after the end of the campaign - so if you need the money before placing the order, you must factor this in to your estimated delivery date.

3. Video - everyone keeps talking about how important video is to EVERYTHING when for the most point I find videos in my feed irritating and scroll straight past them! Anyway, it had to be done. You're not getting me talking on camera anytime soon, so I used Adobe Clip to make a slideshow set to music (I used one of the Adobe Clip tracks so as to avoid copyright issues - don't forget this!) and I was rather pleased with my efforts.

4. Images - as I mentioned I already had 365 photos from the project, plus pictures of the book itself and montages so I made full use of these. If you don't have images you need really good ones/mock ups if you don't have a physical sample to photograph.

5. The blurb - I'm quite quick at writing when I get down to it... I rewrote a few things I'd already written about the project and added to/updated this. I explained the background to the 365 project itself, why I turned it into a book. You also need to think about what could possibly go wrong with the project and let people know the potential risks before they pledge.

And then I submitted it to Kickstarter for their approval. This took a few hours (even on a Sunday night - I was impressed!). I hovered on the publish button for quite a while before going for it.

 And another postcard...

And another postcard...

I'll have to admit that my pre-launch whetting the appetite type marketing was pretty pathetic. A couple of shares of the video on Twitter and that was it. I did however do the following:

1. Listed the press contacts I have who might be interested in the project. I then drafted tailored emails to all of them and they sat in my drafts until I'd pressed publish. Quite a few people picked these up and shared my campaign which was brilliant.

2. Sent direct emails to the people who had previously expressed an interest in the book - as soon as it went live.

3. Drafted an email to my mailing list about it - which I also send just after it went live.

4. Scheduled a series of promotional tweets and Facebook posts (which I hasten to add I didn't pay to promote - I did ask my friends on FB to please share the post if they weren't able to/didn't want to pledge though and a lot of them did this for me).

5. Planned a series of Instagram stories - keeping the campaign up there all the time with regular updates.

And then I went and made a cup of tea. In the first 24 hours the campaign reached 37% funded. I'd been told to aim for 50% in the first 7 days, and then expect a lull before a final push in the last week - I was a little anxious, but it wasn't as bad as I'd feared. I was determined to stay chilled about it (easier said than done!). When I reached 50% on day 2 I realised I needed to keep pushing to get to 100% as soon as possible, in order to be able to keep promoting but without the pressure. I reached 100% four days in (almost to the minute).

 Yet another postcard

Yet another postcard

Momentum has definitely dropped off since I reached my target and I'm now aiming for 1-2 pledges a day. I'd like to have a bit of a cushion (what I didn't realise until recently is that backers can pull out right up until the final deadline leaving you underfunded after all and then you don't receive any of the pledges - a bit scary!) and I'm also keen to only have a handful of copies of the book remaining at the end, as I don't do many events nowadays so my options to sell them are more limited than they used to be.

People have already been asking me for advice despite the fact the Kickstarter is still running (I'm not there yet kids!), but I honestly think that other than identifying who to promote it to and who to ask for help in doing this, the only way to achieve it is to produce a professional product, a well put together campaign page and have something people want to buy! The beauty of Kickstarter is that it tells you if people want to buy your thing... a little publicly perhaps which can be scary, but other than time (and possibly pride) there's not a huge amount to loose.

I'm pretty sure if I'd gone ahead and just got the 50 books printed I'd be sitting here now fretting about how to sell them. Kickstarter provides a fanfare and a deadline and these work well both from the perspective of giving you the incentive to keep pushing, and in helping people to make the decision to support now rather than maybe buy a copy in a few months.

I'll be back to share how the fulfillment stage goes! In the meantime, as I mentioned you can still support my Kickstarter until 9 April via this link. Thank you! 




Upcoming Workshops!

Kate Marsden

My popular lampshade making workshop returns to Creative Happy London in Camberwell this Saturday 24 March. This time I'll be running two sessions - one in the morning and another in the afternoon (so if you're not a morning person...!) Here are some images from the last lampshade workshop I ran there (as you can see the studio is beautiful)...


There are currently spaces available on both sessions but you must book in advance - book your space here.

Then on Sunday 22 April I will be running a full day, painted lampshade workshop at Love Art in Tooting - this will be really fun and a chance to get messy AND learn a new skill! Bookings for this one are now open here.

If you can't make that date, I'll be hosting the same workshop at Creative Happy London on Saturday 5 May.

Find all of my upcoming workshops and events here.

Launching my first Kickstarter!

Kate Marsden

First and possibly last, but let's see! This week I've launched my first ever Kickstarter campaign to (hopefully) fund a short print run of my 365 project book. You can read all about it here.


My first pledge came in within a few minutes, and I had a brillant first 24 hours reaching 37% of my target, but it's been a bit slow going since so if you're at all interested in getting hold of a copy (or some snazzy postcards) or you know someone who might be please do share my campaign! For those of you who are not familiar with Kickstarter it is an all or nothing kind of a thing - I have until 9 April to raise all of the funds or I won't get any so the project won't happen...

IMG_2658 (1).jpg
IMG_2659 (1).jpg

Full details of the book's specifications and all of the rewards are on my Kickstarter page. Rewards range from £1-£20 so there's something for everyone! Thank you!

New Fabrics and a little bit of quilting...

Kate Marsden

My new fabrics have arrived! And here they are in all their glory...


As I mentioned back in the autumn, I don't plan to do any full "collection" launches as such this year, rather I'll be introducing new work in batches - so far this is working well for me and I'm finding that my inspiration has returned (and there's also a lot less pressure when my whole year no longer rests on two set ranges of work!).

So I have two new designs... Sewing Supplies is inspired by the print of the same name which I produced last year - I chatted to a number of people at the events I attended back in the autumn, and the consensus was that this needed to be a fabric, so here it is...


The second design is called Anemone and is a 1950's style pattern featuring some of the floral drawings I created for the Make It In Design Winter School.


To show my new fabrics off, and to give you a little idea of something you could make with them, I've made a quilted cushion. This is the first time I've made a cushion like this and I'm really pleased with how it's turned out. I used my new designs combined with Kona Solids in Parrot (green), Stratosphere (blue) and Mac and Cheese (yellow). I bought these fabrics from Simply Solids.


My new fabrics are now available to buy by the metre and fat quarter in my Etsy shop. I'm planning some more makes soon - do let me know if there's anything in particular you fancy seeing in these fabrics!